The series “Greasy Smile” archives American culture using ephemeral objects and constructed photographic narratives. The shadow boxes preserve items similar to an insect display in a natural history museum or small-town cultural center. The intended temporality of gum or chips contrasts with the framed display of the artwork creating a humor seen throughout the work. The photographic narratives and isolated object images are constructed with digital photographs, juxtaposed with text and found objects and often printed using alternative materials.

                  "Typology of American Chips" Color Aid, Chips, Pins, Glue. 16" x 20"

"Kwik Stop" Archival Pigment Print on Coloraid. 18" x 24"

                "Zebra Stripe" Zebra Stripe gum, Glue. 16" x 20"

      "Little Trees" Air Fresheners, dowel rods, mold, archival pigment print. 20" x 20"

"Cherries" Dried Maraschino Cherries. 20" x 20"

"Ramen" Archival Pigment Print on Coloraid. 24" x 36"

            "andandandandandandandandand" Archival Pigment print on Tracing paper.
           11" x 14"

                  "Eggs" Color Aid, Gummies, Plastic, Glue. 11" x 16"

"Rust Print" Rust on Coloraid. 6" x 9"

      "Karen" Digital photographs on inkjet paper, newsprint and tracing paper,
      magnifying glass, velvet paper, tape. 24" x 30"

            "Typology of McDonald's Fries" Velvet, French Fries, Pins, Glue. 20" x 30"

"Blink" Archival Pigment Print on Coloraid. 6" x 9" each